heat pumps


The energy produced by the GreenCTT Solar modules drives the high COP* heat pump which is connected to an absorption generator.

*Coefficient of Performance

Thanks to this process either heating or cooling can be generated even on industrial size (MW) level.

The GreenCTT Heat Pump Systems offer a complex solution for water heating and cooling through the integration of photovoltaic intelligent modules.

Market Outlook
As global energy demand grows, the search for sustainable renewable energy solutions continues to grow. More and more solar systems are being installed worldwide basing on existing technology, while CTT offers patented energy solutions which, in comparison to existing systems, use by far less space while the production costs are significantly reduced.

CTT is a Swiss company that over the years has developed innovative manufacturing facilities, called Clean Energy Park. Products produced in the Clean Energy Park offer intelligent digital combinations of solar power solutions and will be globally implemented on a step-by-step basis.

CTT, pioneering future energy solutions
heat pumps


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We provide complete, turn-key production lines for the production of state-of-the-art PV and PVT solar panels. Get in touch with our experts and we make sure that the optimal configuration for your companies is defined.

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Integrated energy storage solutions more and more gain their fixed position when it comes to solar energy systems. Feel free to contact us so we can inform you in details about what CTT energy storage solution fits your needs best.