Investors Key Facts

Installed Solar Capacity: Currently, 500GW solar energy generation capacity is installed worldwide. Till the end of 2022, that capacity is expected to grow to 1.100 GW, an estimated 220% market-growth in just three years. 

Market Needs: The market requires integrated energy solutions that are more efficient in terms of power generation while the costs of production are to be significantly reduced. As an inherent demand, viable energy storage solutions are a solution strongly contributing to the planned capacity growth.  

CTT Clean Energy Park: CTT offers self-sufficient, zero-emission Clean Energy Parks in which production facilities for solar panels (PV & PVT), energy storage solutions, charging stations, heat pumps and water purifications systems are installed. Relating to the required Park’s energy needs, the inherent solar-park will have a scalable capacity from 11MW to far beyond 1 GW.

Expected Investment Value Growth: With an investment in the first Clean Energy Park, the Expected Investment Value Growth is planned to show a factor 2.5 to 3 increase, this 3 years after the initial investment is made and the Clean Energy Park is readily built.

Value Scalability: as the investment level rises with the production capacity of the Clean Energy Park, the Expected Investment Value Growth automatically scales accordingly.

Uniqueness: Swiss CTT’s Clean Energy Park is globally unique in its composition as well as in the patented, next-generation solar panels with proof of concept produced in the park.   

Changing the Landscape of
Renewable Energy Generation

Focussing on new ways of alternative energy production and usage shifting technology into the next generation

Energy systems are going through rapid transitions around the world, affecting many aspects of our lives. Renewable energy continues to penetrate the global energy mix of solar and wind power production, which is expected to increase by up to 60 times until the year 2050. Meanwhile, smart technology appears to appear in all areas of business operations. Conscious Technology Transfer AG brings together energy professionals to respond effectively to the major challenges the global energy industry is facing. CTT offers enterprise-class technology energy solutions that address today’s most demanding business challenges.

China - CTT signs LOI
to operate local presence

CTT has on October 24, 2019, agreed to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) to establish a China-based Joint Venture (JV) with Yeman Industries (Holdings) Ltd. having their principal offices in Hong Kong. The JV will be located in the existing Yeman operational China-based offices in Yiaojiao (Beijing) and Changshu (Shanghai). As CTT financial facility centre the JV in Hong Kong will be established. The Beijing and Shanghai locations will be responsible for CTT sales, CTT marketing, CTT production of components, CTT technical installation commissioning as well as for after-sales services. In Changshu currently new office- and production facilities are under construction. These facilities are planned to be operational by mid-2020.  Till that date, operations will be managed through the offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. 

Yeman offers a China-wide network with proven performance in different industries (among which the energy industry) while the current Yeman production outputs high-end machinery which is built according to European standards. A nationwide network of both commercial and service staff rounds this package off into the perfect package, enabling the JV to rapidly build up the CTT China market presence in a highly efficient and effective way. 

CTT Next-Generation
Solar Cells Ready for Mass-Production

Our next generation solar cells, speak the bifacial CTT solar cells have a proven performance in terms of efficiency and durability and are ready for mass-production. Demonstrations are done in our demonstration facilities in Switzerland where also the first production line will be installed.



Energy Storage
Conscious Technology Transfer_CTT_Switzerland-Energy Storage
Water Purification
Conscious Technology Transfer_Switzerland_CTT-Water Purification Systems
Charging Stations
Conscious Technology Transfer_Changing Stations_Switzerland_CTT

Why We Excel

As the pioneer of future solar and clean energy solutions, CTT we make sure to provide products and services, putting our clients in a leading position.

Pioneering Solutions

CTT supplies and develops at a high pace for future applications, energy solution the global industry is in need for. In an ever-growing renewable energy market, causing critical issues in terms of production costs, efficiency and space, CTT provides solutions that offer valid and feasible solutions.

Offering Valid Solutions

We add value to our client’s production processes by offering state-of-the-art production lines for PV and PVT solar panels of the next generation. Not only do we offer complete new lines, we also offer upgrades on about all existing production lines which our clients have already installed and in operation.

We work with the best!!

Having the right local partners is of the essence when it comes to trustworthiness, governance and local services. We want our clients to rest assured that CTT is there, “around the corner” to make sure we there when called upon. This our clients can take by the word.

Sustainable Support

All of us at CTT have the strong belief that our efforts to offer the best of class energy solutions, we help those in need of fresh water, of sufficient food, in need of education and more worthy life. CTT together with its local Partners will start social projects where electricity is needed to start to further bring forward the positive developments of those who are not as fortunate as those who live, work and educate in the developed world. CTT’s target is to help, support wherever we can and we will keep our followers informed through our website and all social media CTT makes use of.

Forward compatibility

While CTT’s Clean Energy Park, CTT solar panels, CTT integrated PV and PVT system apply the maximum of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while we also apply the Industry 4.0 standards, we at all times strive to connect with optimal forward compatibility, which gives our client optimal forward planning security.

Ideological targets

CTT sets itself ideological targets in terms of offering solutions that add value to the global decrease of greenhouse gases around the world, while we make the results achieved both measurable and social and environmentally responsible.

CTT will create thousands of direct and indirect jobs while we also contribute directly and indirectly to the economic development in many countries around the world.


Global solar power installed
Source: SolarPower Global Market Outlook 2019 – 2023


Global Installed Power (2022)Source: SolarPower Global Market Outlook 2019 – 2023


Projected Clean Energy Parks
(By CTT; 2020 thru 2022)


Next Generation Supplier!!
(Conscious Technology Transfer – CTT)


Latest News

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